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The Slovenian Association of Perinatal Medicine (ZPMS) is an independent and autonomous professional association that operates within the Slovenian Medical Association (SZD). The organization consists of physicians from various specialties of maternal-fetal medicine, specialists and residents in gynaecology and obstetrics, neonatology, paediatrics and anaesthesiology, who are all involved in perinatal healthcare in order to ensure the health of pregnant women, parturients, infants, and neonates. Associate members of the association also include doctors and specialists from other disciplines related to perinatal medicine, as well as midwives and nurses.
The Association is the successor of the Section for Perinatal Medicine of the Slovenian Medical Association and thus continues the tradition of the Medical Reading Association in Ljubljana, established on 28 October 1861, which was renamed as the Association of Doctors in Carniola on 22 December 1862, the Slovenian Medical Association on 2 November 1918, and finally, the Slovenian Medical Association – Union of Medical Associations on 16 May 1980 at its General Assembly.

The main objectives of the association are:
maintaining and improving the level of perinatal healthcare in Slovenia,
preserving the role and importance of the medical profession, the role of doctors as intellectuals in Slovenian and international society, and thus ensuring the highest quality and ethics in the provision of medical services to the patients under their care; and
preserving the role and importance of the midwifery profession in Slovenian and international society.

Lili Steblovnik  

Vice Presidents:
Veronika Anzeljc, Matevž Trdan

Marijana Vidmar Šimic 

Gabrijela Bržan Šimenc

Members of the Management Board:
Damjana Koželj 
Katja Juvan 
Alenka Stepišnik 
Lea Školnik 
Jure Klanjšček

Members of the Supervisory Board:
Simona Čopi
Gorazd Kavšek
Lilijana Kornhauser Cerar

Members of the Professional Education Board:

Faris Mujezinović 
Miha Lučovnik 
Martina Špilak Gomboc 
Andreja Trojner Bregar 
Tatjana Stopar Pintarič 
Mirjana Miksič 
Peter Najdenov 
Vesna Fabjan Vodušek 
Mirjam Druškovič 

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